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Features IGC-Replay V1.0

  • Replay IGC Files.
  • Flight Overview.
  • Flight Diagrams.
  • Metric, imperial or american Units.
  • Skip Thermalling.
  • Full Keyboard control.
  • NMEA Signal to connect your PDA!
  • Annotated Flights.
  • Drag'n Drop IGC Files (on the Desktop Icon or Tab Area)


  • On the 'Google Earth' tab in IGC-Replay the Interface can be selected. If GE V5.1 or less is installed you should choose the 'COM API' Interface, otherwise the 'Plugin Scripting' Interface !
  • Apart from that, usage should be more or less self-explaining. See tool tips for more information.
  • IGC files can be opened directly with IGC-Replay.
  • On the 'Extra' tab parameters of IGC-Replay can be selected.
  • Most of the options on the 'Extra'-tab are saved for the next program start. Application defaults can be restored.
  • A TEC Vario can be enabled. However it is not perfect.
  • Zoom in the graphs in the 'diagram' window with the mouse wheel. Don't mind if the slider is out of sight. It will align automatically.
  • You may open any kml-file in IGC-Replay from the File Menu.
  • With a click on the gauges units can be switched from imperial to metric.

Performance Notes

  • On older Hardware with Google Earth Versions 5.2 and higher Playback may stutter due to a low frame frequency. Try to decrease the camera speed on the GE-tab. A value of 4.99 should help already.
  • For best performance use Google Layers (Borders, Roads etc.) and kml sparingly.
  • Google Earth performance can be enhanced further by closing other applications (free memory) or downsizing the window.


  • Don't open an igc file before the google earth window is loaded
  • On the 'Extra' tab a Paraglider / Motorplane Speed Scale can be selected.
  • You may navigate within the flight in the flight diagram.
  • The thermalling percentage computed here may be smaller than in other programs.
  • For the calculation of the FAI-OLC triangle a closed flight track is assumed!
  • Best gps fix-interval in igc-logs is between 4 to 8 seconds . The Minimum Fix Interval used in IGC Replay can be set under Extra->MoreOptions.


Michael Meier, Aussenlandeplätze
A.J.Bauer, Gauges Toolbox
M. von Kaenel, Thermal Maps
Thanks to Vinc, Jan, Bob, Lynn, Markus and many others for testing and good ideas !


Annotated Flights

Main Menu

  • Public - open a public annotated flight.
  • Local - open an annotated flight from your local environment.
  • Editor - add comments and photos to your flight and save it locally.


The Annotated Flight Editor generates a html presentation of your flights that can be replayed directly in IGC-Replay. To use the generated html alone, call the html page with the attribute 'nonreplay' (example) to see the annotations together with included fotos.

With the Google Earth Plugin, due to security restrictions fotos can not be shown anymore if the flight is stored locally.

  • New - select an igc file to begin with a new annotated flight.
  • Open - select an earlier saved .ipl file to edit annotations.
  • Save - select a directory to save your annotated flight to. An .ipl and .html file are generated and the .igc file together with image files are copied into this directory (takes some seconds). Don't rename files or remove the additional files that are copied also. Multiple flights can be stored in one directory.
  • It is easy to make your flight public. Zip the directory and mail it to


Connect your PDA

  • You may connect your favorite PDA moving map software. Test your SeeYou / GPS_LOG / LK8000 /.. settings or just follow the flight on the PDA in parallel.
  • Select a serial port from the 'Extra' - tab first.
  • Check the NMEA checkbox.
  • You may connect your PDA via serial cable or bluetooth. Choose the appropriate port from the comobobox. You get the meaning of the portnumbers from your windows system settings (device manager). Finally make the connection settings on your PDA (9600 Baud).
  • It's also possible to connect IGCReplay by WiFi using a Serial Port Emulator. For example VSPEmulator from You just have to setup a Virtual Serial Port with 9800 Baud and a TCP Server. For VSPEmulator you may use this config file. .


Keyboard Layout

Key Description
F1 Help
F2 Show / hide the main panel
Arrow ↑↓ Tilt up / down
Arrow ←→ View left / right
r Reset View
PgUp Jump forward 30 sec
PgDn Jump back 30 sec
Plus Minus ± Fine adjust altitude
d Diagrams
f Flight Overview
g Gauges
i Info
o Goto (when active)
b Jump to previous thermal
n Jump to next thermal
p Flight Path
s Start / Pause
z Zoom out
y Double Speed
x Halve Speed
q Reset Speed

Last update: 30.07.2011